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Send me pictures of your forges and burners! To the newcomer to forge building,constructing a
forge can be a little intimidating and confusing at first. The idea behind these pages is two-fold.
1) show off your creation for the world to see! and 2) Aid others by helping us post as many
examples of forges as possible to help stimulate ideas for building forges for the new guys and
old guys alike! Building a forge isn't rocket science, but sometimes a picture *is* worth a
thousand words and it's always helpful to see what solutions others have used to solve a
particular problem. If you do submit pictures, please try to include as many details as you can
and also write a little description of what you used and how it was fabricated if possible, the
more information the better for others viewing these pages! :)
Click on each picture below for more information on that particular forge.
More Coming Soon!
Please submit pictures of your forge today! :)
Wayne Goddard
Jay Shirey
Robert Hensarling
Steve Sando
Jason Cutter
Mike Sweaney
Terry Dodson
Matt Walker
John Winer
Forge Building Tutorial
Indian George Rebello
Len Landrum
Paul Moore
Jerid Johnson
Shane Ivie
Mark Callahan
Larry Harley
Michael Burch